Ideas and Concerns

This page collects various various thoughts, connections, and reflections about Massive Wiki. It is ever-changing.

Page Contention

Within one multiplayer Massive installation, how does an editing tool interact with the syndication / synchronization process, particularly when multiple people are editing?

For synchronization-by-git, does there need to be some real-time synchronization (XMPP? other?) happening as well?

Is there a role for git branches?

When/how do we deploy CRDT (or OT or similar) for Massive?

Decentralization and Syndication

Each Massive installation uses its own file sharing and versioning solution, including git repo, Nextcloud file sharing, etc.

What support does Massive provide for sharing between installations? When is page history preserved, and when is it discarded? How do forks and merges work?

Markdown Flavors

Massive will need to figure out how to support various flavors and levels of Markdown.

Semantic Meaning of Header Levels

Life will be better if we sort of standardize how to use the H1, H2, H3, etc. header levels.

Case in point: is there always an H1 at the top of the page with the page title? Or is H1 used throughout the page as the top-level semantic separator?

Website "Furniture"

(By analogy with street furniture.)

  • Navbar / sidebar
  • Recent Changes / All Files
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Pagination of Lists
  • Search


  • tags / categories
  • date and authorship
  • globally-unique identifiers for pages and other elements

Link Syntax

Massive uses double square brackets for links internal to the wiki, but there are subtle concerns about the syntax.

  • intra-page anchors / headers
  • converting page names with non-URL-safe characters to URLs in a way that's deterministic and compatible across the Massive ecosystem
  • rewriting links when page names change