Massive Wiki Manifesto

Massive Wiki is a movement to create a wiki ecosystem (rather than just an engine) that provides classic wiki utility, with a plurality of tools and processes that enable decentralization and federation of the pages.

Wikis are made of pages. Free the pages to go where they need to go!

It's not just a wiki - it's a Massive Wiki.

Our name, "Massive Wiki", is inspired by Ma rkdown, S hared, V ersioned, F iles.


We use Markdown because it is a lingua franca.


Wiki is best when it's shared with others. Sharing files lets them move around, from centralized servers to decentralized servers, and from peer to peer.


When page contention happens, version history is important to be able to do whatever manual merge is necessary.

Version history is also just really useful.


Each page is one file.

Standard files are an easy and reasonably precise unit of data interchange between different systems.

The plural "files" is important -- a wiki needs more than one page.