4. Sync a Massive Wiki

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(this section still needs work)

(make sure you've cloned the repo and set up the "Obsidian Git" hotkeys, as explained in previous steps)

  • pull, with Ctrl-L or Command-L
    • if there were issues, see the page, "Resolving Git Sync Issues"
  • push, with Ctrl-U or Command-U
  • consider giving other people in chat or whatever a headline of what you changed

when to pull

when to push

Why we don't push on a timer: (This rationale is better located with setting Obsidian-Git options) (i) partial work sessions get pushed (merge conflicts on co-edited documents); (ii) Obsidian Git push pushes all changed files; (iii) pushing when you are done is part of the massive-wiki work practice

copy / adapt some of the advice from 5. Resolving Git Sync Issues