A Day in the Life

It's possible to use many different tools and practices with Massive Wiki, which is one of its strengths.

However, as sort of a "best practices" overview, here are tools and practices many of us use day-to-day with our Massive Wikis.

  • Have more than one Massive Wiki, for different topics, or to collaborate with different groups of people, or to keep some information private and make other information public.
  • Use Obsidian and the Obsidian Git plugin. The Obsidian user community is great, as is Eleanor Konik's Obsidian Roundup. (Pulsar Edit is a good choice, too.)
  • Use HackMD or HedgeDoc to work synchronously with people. You can save notes as Markdown files, and add them straight to your wikis.
  • Read some of the original wiki culture writeups. You can get a start here: Link As You Think, which links to The Brilliant Essence of Wikis by Eugene Eric Kim, and to WikiNow on MeatballWiki. Ward's original wiki is great, too: https://wiki.c2.com/.