Frequently Asked Questions about Massive Wiki

Q: Who's behind Massive Wiki?

A: Peter Kaminski got it started in 2021. Pete co-founded Socialtext, an enterprise wiki company, in 2002. Bill Anderson and others have been of immeasurable help in getting Massive Wiki going.

Q: What's the business model of Massive Wiki?

A: Massive Wiki doesn't have a business model, it's an open source project we work on in the hope that it will be useful and help make the world a better place. Some day, some of us might offer training or consulting services, or develop compatible software that makes sense to charge for, but Massive Wiki is intended to always be an open, community-oriented project, not something we want to monetize.

Q: Is there one big "Massive Wiki", or are there more than one?

A: The word "massive" comes from an earlier acronym we used (see What Massive Wiki Means). It doesn't mean that there's one very large wiki. It doesn't even mean that an individual "Massive Wiki" is that big. :-)

Q: Can you edit Massive Wikis on the web?

A: Classic wikis were edited on the central wiki server, through the web. Massive Wiki is typically edited on each participants' personal devices, then published to the wiki website, where it is not editable. Having said that, some wikis can be edited through the web interface of the Git forge where they're hosted, if you have the right editing privileges. We do hope someday to create editing interfaces that will work directly on the wiki website pages.