Vincent Arena


Hello! I am Vincent Arena. Informally, I call myself Vincent. I am following in Pete's footsetps with this bio.

I have a calling to help people of good intent work together to accomplish what they believe to be important. I value knowledge, wisdom, kindness, harmony, wholeness, and gratitude for all living beings. I believe that helping one helps us all, and hurting one hurts us all.

I hope my work on the projects here: helps others work together better; helps others help themselves to accomplish what they believe to be important; creates more knowledge and especially more connections between people; helps heal the world and its beings; furthers my work with personal and collective information spaces; helps me create more artifacts for teaching others about collaboration; and helps me grow my network of friends and colleagues.

Along with personal and collective information spaces, a couple more personal interests that may align: alternative economies; “the matchmaker problem” (as I call it: how might people who have and need things find each other); preparing the world to work together better locally and globally in a changing climate; and intentional communities, and how they sustain and grow and think and remember.

In my professional life, I am a startup entrepreneur and consultant to businesses and nonprofits/NGOs. I do both no-code product development/deployment, and thinking on collaboration process. I’ve worked on the Internet since 2017, and with moleskin notebooks and mind maps since 2013.

In my personal life, I am single. I enjoy travel, the outdoors, surfing, photography, sketching, and hiking.

I’ve lived in the United States, in East Rockaway NY, near Long Beach (Long Island, not Cali).

I have LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, feel free to find me, but I don’t interact much there.

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Phone: +1 516-286-0002



Twitter: @vincentarena